Website Content Complete, Blog Will Match Soon!

We’ve finished adding content to our website and we know the blog still doesn’t quite look right since it is still using the default 2013 WordPress theme. That will be taken care of soon so that we have a more consistent look across the entire site. It’ll also demonstrate that we can add WordPress to client websites and integrate it seamlessly with their existing design. It may take a week or two before it gets done, as the Psyjnir crew is about to embark on PsyTrip 2013.

PsyTrip is an annual vacation that all of the Psyjnir Administrators usually participate in. It started with yearly trips to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (also known as E3 in the game development industry) but as the expo grew more corporate and less fun, we decided we could find much better things to do with our time. Like spend it on a yearly group vacation to various parts of the world.

This year, we’re galavanting around the North Eastern United States starting in New York, moving to a pretty awesome cabin in the Ohio mountains and finally finishing the adventure up in downtown Pittsburgh. And that’s just the main part of the trip – several of us decided to take off a week early and start the vacation in Iceland. It looks like an amazing place to be based on the photos I’m seeing from the people who are there! I myself leave tomorrow morning on a road trip from Statesboro to the Big Apple. I’ve already mapped out the various Sheetz locations along the way. I’ll be back the following week and ready to dive head first into new projects. After I make the blog match the rest of the site, of course.

We’ve got quite a few exciting things lined up for the future.