Cooperative Play! In Wideload Shorts' premier game, you pilot the Cyclomite through relentless meteor storms in order to save the universe. During the fast-paced action, you control a multicolored Cyclomite ring in the center of their field, catching meteors as they fly toward the center of the storm. Two multiplayer modes expand on the fun of Cyclomite, with hundreds of co-operative multiplayer levels, and an intensely competitive versus multiplayer game!

Single Player Play! The best part? You can play the full game for free RIGHT NOW! Hop on over to InstantAction.com, sign up for a FREE account, and dive right into the cosmic fray.

Want to know more? Check out our screen shots and gameplay footage. Or, hit up our strategy page for hints and tips straight from the developers.

Versus Play! Cyclomite debuted with the launch of Garage Games' InstantAction.com in January 2008. InstantAction.com is the first web-based video game network and provides original action games through standard web browsers. Gamers around the world can sign up now at http://www.instantaction.com.